Genuinely Brazilian, FRESCOBOL was born in Rio de Janeiro in the 40’s. Is the most popular beach sport in Latin American. However, nowadays, is all around the globe.

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For many years frescobol rackets were made only in wood, but in 1995 Sergio Graca Design developed a new technology: fiberglass FRESCOBOL and PADDLE RAQUET. Customized, made to answer all athlete’s needs, especially when we’re speaking about performance.






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Using two main ingredients, fiberglass and polyurethane. The polyurethane gives lightness to the rackets and fiberglass gives resistance. The fiberglass works as a shield, which protects the racket from destructives agents such as the sun heat and salted water, guarantying durability to the product.






P00 Construcao SiteTo play frescobol is not restricted to beaches. As it is expanding as a beach sport on other countries, is as well expanding its practice indoors and parks.You can play Frescobol wherever and whenever

Frescobol is taking its place. Whereas the sport become more and more popular, the requirements are getting more and more sharp and high.





 frescobol1Practice FRESCOBOL benefits:

1-     Explores athletes’ virtues and never your deficiencies

2-     Increases mental balance and concentration

3-     Increases motor coordination, reflex and agility

4-     Stimulates the relentless pursuit of improvement

5-     Develops sportsmanship spirit and therefore, to live with the      

       mistakes of others

ZZ6-     Is a cardio exercise, greatly improves the physical conditioning

       and comes to burn up to 820 calories per hour.