Fiber history2

F-1995Z 1

The first fiberglass racket was made in 1995 and sold through 1996 in Salvador Brazil. However, the logo Fibra by Sergio Graca, was not marketing yet. The rackets were known us Sergio Graca Design.






2001 01 00F-2000

In 2000 the logo FIBRA by Sergio Graca was created. Before that, the rackets only had the logo “Fibra” in the center and were unicolor.







F-20012005 11

It was the year that the rackets Fibra by Sergio Graca started to be manufactured with a different perspective, using multiple colors and textures.






2002 01 00F-2003

An experiment did not last too long. That year, Fibra rackets were manufactured with a flat edge, not rounded. And, did not last any longer.







Trying to be more creative and bring many possibilities, a new experience took place. Today, Fibra by Sergio Graca, can be customized by using personal photos; any desirable landscape; favorite pet; for any occasion; to promote your business, etc.


I 032 x 1   I 025 x   I 013 1