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3 years a leter, rackets, Fibra project was approved, and soon enough spread worldwide, starting to be exported to other countries. Just to name some: Peru, Portugal, Netherlands, USA and Australia.

A great help for this project, contributing for its success, was the athlete’s technical information, national and international competitions and rigorous tests to guaranty brand quality.


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We keep working on our project,

On prove of that, we’re bringing our subsidiary to USA. We now are going to fabricate a MADE IN USA brand. On the go to make this sport as popular in America. We’re proud of our product, we’re offering quality to a very demanding public, that’s why we’re contacting the best in sports in United States to be our partner on this project.

After all said, we’re asking you to take a careful look at our product. We can send you one of our rackets, to be evaluated, then make your considerations and share with us your thoughts. If after that, you’re interested on selling at your stores, FIBRA by Sergio Graca, we will be very glad to seat with you and discuss our business details.


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