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Hi, I'm Sergio Graca, and I have passion for Frescobol. That's why I spent time developing a better and more professional racket.

For many years, Frescobol rackets were made out of wood. In 1995, was developed the first racket made out of fiberglass.

These handmade rackets allow customization to meet the specific needs of athletes resulting in great improvement in performance.

Using two main ingredients, fiberglass and polyurethane, FIBRA produces lightweight rackets that are durable and resistant. The polyurethane allows for weight control while fiberglass shields and protects the racket from destructives agents such as the sun, heat and salt water.

​We, at Fibra by Sergio Graca, love what we do. We hope you enjoy the game and the Fibra by Sergio Graca rackets.



Genuinely Brazilian, FRESCOBOL was born in Rio de Janeiro in the 40's.

It is the most popular beach sport in Latin American. Today, Frescobol is played around the globe.

Frescobol is not restricted as a beach sport...

Frescobol is also being played in indoor areas
and outdoor parks.

 Benefits of the sport
1-It is fun!
2-It increases mental balance and concentration
3-It increases motor coordination, reflex and agility
4-It is a team sport, thus it promotes sportsmanship spirit
5-It is a cardio exercise that can burn up to 820 calories per hour

World of Frescobol

III World Cup in Brazil/2017


II World Cup in Japan/2016

Miami, FL / USA- 2000


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Step 1- Send to 
 the desired image in JPG format with density above 300 kb.

 Note: One or two images if you want different images on each side of the racket.

Step 2 - We will email you the proofs for your confirmation and approval.

Step 3- After layout approval, you must make payment by Pay pal to confirm your order.

Step 4- After order confirmation, the racket will be made and shipped within 10 business days.
 Note: Please, confirm shipping address


The first fiberglass racket was made in 1995 and sold through 1996 in Salvador Brazil. However, the logo Fibra by Sergio Graca, was not marketing yet. The rackets were known us Sergio Graca Design.

F - 1995

In 2000 the logo FIBRA by Sergio Graca was created. Before that, the rackets only had the logo “Fibra” in the center and were unicolor.

F - 2000

It was the year that the rackets Fibra by Sergio Graca started to be manufactured with a different perspective, using multiple colors and textures.

F - 2001

An experiment did not last too long. That year, Fibra rackets were manufactured with a flat edge, not rounded. And, did not last any longer.

F - 2003

Trying to be more creative and bring many possibilities, a new experience took place. Today, Fibra by Sergio Graca, can be customized by using personal photos; any desirable landscape; favorite pet; for any occasion; to promote your business, etc.

F - 2009


Address: 7294 Cloister Dr, Sarasota - Florida USA.

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